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Prices shown for paintings in the gallery include the cost of the frame. All you need to do is choose a frame.

The Mouldings Catalogue shows the frames in standard sizes that I keep in stock. Other frames can be made to order but may add a few pounds to the cost.

Larger paintings are all supplied in a double mount with a decorative groove, smaller paintings in a double mount.. The mounts are generally 65 mm wide on larger paintings, a little narrower on smaller paintings. Frame sizes are given in inches (alas) and specify the rebate size. The rebate is actually the size of the glass so the frame itself will be at least 3 inches wider and taller than this. The visible area of the painting is the rebate size of the frame less the width of the mount on all sides. My logo in the top left corner of the screen shows what a painting in a mount looks like.

I am happy to sell paintings without frames. These will still be supplied in a double mount with a backing board to give them some protection. However, they are still more vulnerable than framed paintings and will be delivered to a framer in your area. This still allows you to make your own arrangements for framing and provides all parties with some protection. Please note that the cost of the frame is not a large part of the price of the painting and this option will save you approximately 30. It may cost a little more than this to have a single frame made by a high street framer.

Choosing a frame for your painting