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15th July 2007 - Well, after a frantic couple of months I'm almost settled into the new gallery. There is still some work to do, not least a proper sign and more picture rails. However, things do appear to be running well. There is some new work in the gallery pages, Dylan Thomas's Boathouse, Blackpool Mill and Saint Govans by Moonlight. I'll upload more as soon as I have time.

29th May 2007 - I've tidied up my links page and separated the various links onto separate pages. Please accept my apologies if you've tried to link with me recently, server problems have made it difficult to update the site. Things are now back to normal and new links will be added in a day or two so do please get in touch.

25th May 2007 - After a long period with no updates due to some server problems, things are finally back to normal and there is a lot of news. The biggest change has been the move, I'm relocating my gallery from Pembroke Dock to Main Street in Pembroke. This is a much better location and I'm already noticing the difference in trade. Call in if you're in the area. Click here for details. I've also started uploading new work to the gallery pages here, starting with a Stag in the Snow. Much more to follow.

19th August 2006 - One new painting in New Landscape Work - Sunset on Carn Ingli.

18th August 2006 - Three new paintings in New Landscape Work - Carew Castle from the North, Barafundle Beach and Rickets Head.

21st May 2006 - Five new paintings in New Landscape Work

5th May 2006 - A new painting of the sunrise at Saundersfoot in New Landscape Work

25th April 2006 - Another two new paintings in New Landscape Work

23rd April 2006 - Two new paintings in New Landscape Work

21st April 2006 - Two new paintings in the Animals gallery. I'm painting more animals these days as commissions for their owners. I've also created a gallery of New Landscape Work with two paintings at the moment and many more to follow as I have time to include them. I'll try to add a couple of new paintings every few days until the backlog is cleared.

6th April 2006 - The site has had a minor rebuild, mainly to make the artwork more accessible. More artwork to follow soon.

19th March 2006 - My apologies that the site has been neglected of late, my workload seems to increase every week, which of course is no bad thing. The Diary has been updated and there are lots of painting scanned and waiting to be posted.

27th August 2005 - Two new paintings of Freshwater East and Preseli Top in Gallery One. Lots more paintings to upload as soon as time permits.

1st June 2005 - A new painting of Newport Sands in Gallery One.

26nd May 2005 - Frame Selection updated.

22nd May 2005 - A new rather large painting of Three Cliffs Bay in the Gower in Gallery One.

17th May 2005 - New paintings have been posted in Gallery One at last. Much more work to follow as soon as I have time.

17th May 2005 - Work that has sold has been moved to a new Archive Gallery to make room for new paintings.

26th January 2005 - Sorry there've been no updates for so long, things have been absolutely frantic here with the exhibition and commission work. The big news is that I've opened a Gallery in Pembroke Dock and this is what's kept me so busy. The Gallery is at Unit 21, Saint Govans Shopping Centre, Pembroke Dock.
Opening hours are 10am to 5pm every day except Wednesday and Sunday. If you plan to call please let me know in advance as I sometimes have someone look after the Gallery for me