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My old guestbook has now finished with the ending of's free service. However, all the entries are preserved below (except for a few spam entries) and for the short-term, I've set up my own guestbook. Just fill in the form below or even send me an email. Please note, the entries will need to be processed so will not appear here immediately.



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jim haines
Hi! found your site browsing, what a thrill to see your work.The clarity of paintings makes me quite homesick for the first tme in forty years, looking forward to the newsletter, best wishes jim
stephanie taylor
I think your work is truly beautiful. I came across this site looking for a painting of Pen-y-fan for my father's birthday. It would have been nice to see the one you did without snow on.
I love your work! I'm off to Tenby for a few weeks so will do my best to try some of your watercolour techniques!
Jolene (freesia01_2000)
I just wanted to check to see some of your work and am still quite impressed..although every one of your works that I liked was sold....*sighs*. I hope you remember me from BPE. I will check on your site every so often to see if there is anything I like. Plus I like that painting holiday...nice idea
mark lovejoy
hey bud markm3164 here longtime no see just wanted to say hi and keep up the great art work email me later man
Robert St.John Boswell
very impressive work and website layout, Robert Boswell (Charlotte's Dad)
Great stuff. How I would love to visit, but alas, much too far. Other side of the world from British Columbia, Canada
Dan Wilson
Great site and brilliant watercolours, Keep up the good work.
I really enjoy your superb and very bright landscape watercolor paintings ; I love desolate and wild places as must be the Wales coasts ; I am french and from the North Cotentin ( Cherbourg ); you are a true talented artist !
Hi, I'm French and I love your website, you must have done an hard work to create it and I want to say you that your site is wonderful, thanks for your excellent work and good luck for your next creation ;)
Sue Sansom
very Impressive....
fab site!
Lyn & Linda Edmunds

Adrian, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your paintings.
We purchased one in Tenby back in 1997 while on holiday, and it has pride of place in our home. It is a painting of a narrow street in Tenby. While visiting Cardiff last March we purchased some prints, which we have framed, one of Tenby Hrbour and the other of Tintern Abbey. We look forward to seeing more of your work and hope to purchase more in the future.
All the best
Linda & Lyn Edmunds
Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Dave Turner
i like your work Adrion
Samuel Edwards
Your work is amazing and deeply inspiring, thank you for creating such a wonderful website so that we can learn from your subtle yet dramatic art work. I particulaly enjoyed your watercolour landscapes.
John Little
I have enjoyed looking at your web. I love watercolour and the discipline that it requires
Christine U.
Beautiful site and very helpful information to get me started in taking up watercoloring. I have always loved watercolor art. Your art work is inspiring and I enjoy your use of color. I will bookmark this page so I can continue to learn more. Thanks.
Carlos Cervantes
I love your art, and it has just inspired me to use watercolour in one of my GSCE art coursework projects, in which I am painting the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Your watercolour skills have helped me a lot and I hope that one day I will be able to attend one of your classes.
All I can say is WOW. Chatting with you, I knew very little about you. So many in the room are just wannabees. But this is gorgeous work. See you soon, Serena
Tori Hammell
Hi Adrian. Haven't seen you in a while. Your website is awesome, I LOVE your work, Later. Have a good one.
Hi Adrian, I like what you have done with your art. You really do good work with it. Keep up the good work and stay in touch. Hope you get that computer running right where you dont have so many crashes any more. Take care and stay in touch.
Tim Croton

Hi Adrian, your a man after my own heart. Your doing what I've had in mind for years.I think it's all about having the bottle to leave a job and start up. Had any pitfalls that you had'nt accounted for? The only thing I've got going for me at the moment is I work for a printing company so I can probably get a discount on prints. Anyway keep up the good work, the site is very informative and maybe be when I'm down in South Wales I'll pop in

Kind regards


adrian james moore
Trudi-Katharine (true_masked_wabbit) Astronomy with Tru 8/Nov/2002
really wonderfull paintings Adrien it makes the heart year to visit those places.
Paul Jones
I came across your site via a search engine and have found it very interesting. If you have a chance please stop by Best Wishes
Mark S
Very inspiring art work, remember me ur work experience person came in GCSE.
Nice work... enjoyed it!
Looking at your painting, and thought well,I'll naver get it right. But you made me think more on light and dark and contrast. Thank you.Gareth
Danielle Turner
Your paintings are brilliant. Im taking art for G.C.S.ES and you and your paintings have really insipred me. keep up the good work. Danielle xxx
Danielle Turner
i am just so in love with your paintings, you are brilliant, i could sit and get lost in them forever
How the hey do you do that wonderful foliage? I do primarily watercolor floral, some realistic and most not so. These last few months I have been attempting landscapes but I do not think I could ever come close to you. I see your work and want to bite my nails! Mesk, they are magnificent! They are gentle, soft, and show your deep love of Wales. I loved the lilies painting!
hi adrian, your work is fabulous to look at. your obviously a serioulsy brilliant water colorist. i also used to work in a nursing home!i hope your future is full of paintings that sell sell sell, thanks for letting me in here - you very talented, sj


I am a Canadian watercolour artist, new to the computer world. Glad to find the UK web sites. I have painted in the UK,; the US and of course in Canada. Will look in again soon. Good luck.
Ian Hatchett
Great Website, Great paintings, Keep it up.
I just found your site by searching Excite on "watercolour". Great stuff. Me, I'm just a beginner, so its all very inspiring. Tom (Surrey)
Mesk I never realised you were so talented!! Truly beautiful!!!! Im amazed you get time to chat :) Coz Im not in chat so often these days, stay in touch. (?) TTFN Carol XXX
Glynn-&-Sian Adams
Thanks for the invite, we would have loved to see you again,but work pressure dictated otherwise. Will try and get to see you someday,especially as you are now famous.ROOOOSTEER!!!!! GLYNN -&- SIAN


great wotk :-)


Ad!!! Lovely, as always! You're the master! Thanks for sharing your gift:) Bags of unquestionable adoration to you friend:X Tina
mesk,, ur not only a great friend but ur a great artist... i'm so very proud to have u as my friend...i wish u all the luck in the world with ur paintings... i bet if u painted me.. u could even make me look beautiful........thanku for being u my friend
colin scott
Wonderful paintings fantastic scenes i will be deff contacting you about a purchase . Thank you for sharing friend.
Chris Camp
They're beautiful, mesk. Drop me a line when I get back in a few months and maybe i'll buy a couple if I end up moving.
Screen considers Augustines definition of the preachers task "docere, deletare, flectere" - to teach, to delight, to influence. Screen believes Adrian does this. Touches the mind, the heart and the will with his brush, canvas and paint. Screen smiles and leaves.
Hi Adrien. Glad to see you installed a guest book. Cya soon. :D
Carolyn Schwartz

Dearest Adrain; I am so very honored to sign your guest book. Your work brings so much beauty into the world as does your kind and warm heart. I see that Ms Judi beat me to signing in but that is ok. See you soon. Love as always Dark

Judy McCabe
There is a wonderous world seen through this artist eyes. Full of love of life with every blend and line. He sees the true beauty in all things around him

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