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COPYRIGHT All images and all graphical content on this website are protected by copyright. Reproduction copyright in all cases remains the sole property of the artist. Where an original watercolour or print is sold, it is understood that even though ownership of the materials of the work has changed hands, ownership of the copyright of that image has not. Original paintings offered for sale may previously have been scanned and the artist reserves the right to reproduce that painting in the form of prints, greetings cards or other products without seeking the permission of the buyer. Where a third party has been given permission to use an image or piece of artwork, this permission will be in the form of a license and ownership of the copyright will remain with the artist. Such a license will be in writing and will cover the use of the image or artwork only for the purpose specified in the license. Should the licensee wish to use the image or artwork for another purpose, or in another publication, or to repeat a previously licensed use, or for any purpose not covered in the original license agreement, then a new license must be sought. Such licenses will run for a specified period of time after which the image or artwork may not be reproduced unless and until a new license is issued. Stock containing licensed images or artwork produced for resale during the period covered by the license may be sold after the expiry of the license provided no further such stock is produced.

PAYMENT Payment must be made in full before delivery of the purchased goods, unless credit has been agreed. Where credit is offered, payment of invoices should be made within 28 days of the date of issue of the invoice, thank you. All goods sold remain the property of the artist until such time as corresponding invoices issued with the goods have been paid in full. Prices are as published from time to time in catalogues and newsletters. The artist reserves the right to modify prices from time to time, but shall endeavour to keep prices reasonable and to give notice of price rises.

PRINTS Prints and cards are supplied solely to trade customers in the United Kingdom, and cannot be sold direct to non trade customers unless those customers are outside the United Kingdom and the artist has no prior agreement with a marketing or distribution agency or company in that country.

CARRIAGE Where delivery is to be made to a trade customer within the United Kingdom, carriage will be charged at 5 on print and mixed orders under 150 or at £3 on greeting card orders under £100. Saturday delivery can be arranged but will be charged at 15.00 extra. (For example, a small order may cost 20 carriage to be delivered on a Saturday) Where delivery is to be made to a customer outside the United Kingdom, carriage will be charged at cost if that cost is more than five percent of the value of the goods.

FRAMES Framed prints can be delivered to United Kingdom trade customers direct from the framer. The framer will invoice for the frames supplied and I will invoice for the prints in those frames. Carriage may be charged by the framer according to their normal trading practices. When ordering prints in frames please place the order through my agent.

POINT OF SALE Display wall racks and spinners are supplied to trade customers on indefinite loan for the express purpose of displaying my range of prints. They remain my property, and should be returned to me if they become surplus to requirements.

VAT Please note that I am no longer registered for VAT.


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